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Me on a good full body day. Just starting out with the lifting and working out world, so to see any progress feels great.

I suggest focusing on incline bench press, as well as doing some supersets to increase the TUT.

Stay strong and humble ;)


Guys this promotion is ending in 3 hours! Get your shirt/tank/hoodie now before its gone.

It won’t be back for a long time.

Stay strong and humble ;)

There is no right answer to that, but if you calculate your micros, then you should calculate how much you can “cheat” and decided to take them all at once or through the month, or week or whatever. If you don’t then according to your body type and how fast you gain fat and lose muscles (how fast is your metabolism).

Plus what is the definition of a cheat meal for you? A big Mac once a month or 3 large pizza, 2 big macs, 1 KFC bucket, 3 coke? Depends what kind of cheat meal you are planning to have.

Stay strong and humble ;)

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